Why I think more LIS students should do Library Day in the Life

A while ago I read a blog post by Über Libearian called I care about your professional development, and it talked about how LIS students who actively got involved in PD tended to get noticed more by employers.

Now if only it were that simple. Go to PD events, get a job. If that were the case, I would be employed right now.

For me, it isn’t just the employment possibilities that entrice me to attend conferences, PD events, and get involved with social media projects (such as Library Day in the Life), it is the networking. I am learning so much about my industry, how it is changing, and about the people who will one day become my colleagues. It encourages me, gives me a goal. “I want to be as innovative within Children’s Services as Judy O’Connell”.  Plus, conferences can be so much fun!

Social media, such as Twitter, allows you to interact with the best of your fields, your idols, as equals. That in itself is a self-esteem boost! To think that someone who you respect so much, is willing to find time in their day, to read what you have so say, and respond. This is particularly emphasised in Library Day in the Life. The best and most well known in the world of Library and Information Services is doing the exact same thing as you. And that is a pretty amazing thought.

So to all LIS students out there, get involved! Participate in Day in the Life, Blog June, or some form of social media interaction within the LIS industry. Believe me, you will be glad you did!

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