LibraryCamp Adelaide

 Last month I was asked to do a Lightning Talk via Skype to LibraryCamp Adelaide, about LGBTQ issues within libraries. Prior to the talk, this was posted on their website.

 We’re pleased to announce that our first Lightning Talk is going to be presented by Suzie Day, talking about queer activism in Australian libraries. Suzie blogs at Catalogue This! and is a library student at Curtin University, in Western Australia. Suzie has professional interests in children’s services, cataloguing and the intersection of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community with library services.

-From LibraryCamp Adelaide. Retrieved September 6, 2011

In addition, I prepared a list of resources and links (which can be found here) which Katie Hannan (who initally invited me to talk) was able to distribute to those who wanted to find out more. 

More recently, Katie wrote this follow-up blog post:

Thanks Suzie (@MissSuzieDay on twitter) for sharing your passion with us LibraryCamp. Your talk has been so eye opening and has made me think about a whole range of different ideas, themes, concepts! Suzie highlighted the fact that Libraries can get in on Pride month. Is this being done in South Australia? Perhaps this is something that Public Libraries SA can take up? What a great idea. Let’s talk to Geoff Strempel, the director.

Libraries are safe spaces, what are we doing to be inclusive towards LGBTQ families, teens, children. The non-nuclear family is becoming more and more common. When asked about strategies for engaging public libraries on LGBTQ issues, Suzie said “just get out there and do it!”.

10 % of the population identifies with LGBTQ, what is your library doing to support this population demographic?

For more information look at this resource list for libraries.

 – From LibraryCamp Adelaide .Retrieved September 6, 2011

The feedback I have had, both the LiveTweets on Twitter and people who have contacted me since then, has been really positive. The impression I am getting is that a lot of librarians, while interested, haven’t actually though about catering towards the LGBTQ community before. It is only once they are actually told that it can be done, and why it is so important, that they realise that they can have a profound impact on the LGBTQ community, particually teenagers.

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