ALIA 5th New Librarians Symposium: Friday

Yesterday was the first day of NLS, and it was a blast. During the day we had a couple of tours (one at TAFE Central library, and the other at SLWA). In the afternoon, there was the joint session with the LibTech conference, called Back to the Future: Where are we going? I think the thing I found most interesting was a comment one of the speakers made, saying “why do we even have two separate conferences?” That was very popular with everyone there, which got me thinking.

TAFE Central had a brand new custom building. Somehing I found really interesting was that they had one office for the librarians, and another for the library techs. I asked about it, and the libray tech said “the librarians think they are better than us.”

While this was said in a sort of joking way, it seemed there was a sort of bitter undercurrent. I mean, in a library, the staff are a community. I understand that the bosses get their own office, but part of the fun of working out the back is socializing. You can’t really do that when you have those with the degree in one room, and everyone else in the other.

As someone who is working her but off to get her degree, I wasn’t sure how I felt when the presenter said that your qualification doesn’t really matter in the workplace, but segregation based on education, that I don’t understand.

That evening there was a Tweetup at the Hula Bula bar, which was a lot of fun. I was pretty hungry at that point, so while everyone else was gouging in, I was standing outside with my cup of super hot potato and leek soup I got from Dome, waiting for everyone else to arrive so I could direct them to where the group was. Once I got inside, I did have a fabulous (virgin) cocktail called a Spongebob, which I quite enjoyed. It is not often I can even get cocktail I can drink when I go out.

Got home rather exhausted, but a good day. sure I had been to the SLWA plenty of times, but it is the company you keep. Like-minds have fun together!

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