Guest blog posts, and being mentioned by one of my fave bloggers!

I have recently written two guest blog posts, which were posted elsewhere.

The first was for the ALIA NewGrads blog, entitled The forgotten demographic: Catering towards the LGBTQ community in your library. So far all the feedback has been really positive, as well as a number of suggestions that build upon the content of the article.

The second was for The Gay YA, called Being queer friendly in your library. This blog was established in April, 2011,  in response to an author who was told to change a same-sex couple in her YA book to hetero. As you can imagine, this didn’t go down well with the LGBTQ community, and thus, The Gay YAwas born. As a huge fan of LGBTQ themes in YA lit myself (I never moved on from YA to Adult books, and instead remain firmly a teenager at my bibliovore heart), this blog is untra cool to me.

The content between the two blog posts is quite different.  While The Forgotten Demographic provides practical suggestions on how to improve your library’s services, Being Queer Friendly in Your Library is more about why it is so important for libraries to address these issues, and the kinds of effects having an LGBTQ positive library can have, particually on teenagers.

On a different note, I recently noticed that Kathryn Greenhill (one of my lecturers at uni, as well as an amazing blogger) mentioned me in her post covering NLS5 and LibraryCamp Australia.

What is my “so what?” from the weekend of library conferences in Perth? For me it was all about energy. Transfer of energy, feeling supportive energy and observing what happens when a group of whirlwinds meet….It was seeing the oversized rainbow buttons that Suzie had printed appearing on lanyards around the conference room in support of the GBLTQ community

Gotta love an ego boost!

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