Going to conferences, both interstate and international

This was written in the early hours of Thursday, 12th of January. At the time I had no internet connection.

It has been a while since I have blogged, but a lot has happened, and right now there is so much running through my head that I can’t sleep, which is why I am typing at a campsite picnic table in East Geelong, at 1am. Right now, it is freezing (I would say about 15*C), and has been spitting with rain all day.

A few days ago I heard about the Conference for the Future of Gay and Lesbian Archives, Libraries, Museums, and Special Collections, to be held in Amsterdam this August. I cannot describe how much I want to go. Before I left Perth I had started looking into the approximate cost, viability, and possible funding sources. I am even considering selling my trumpet to raise funds (and if you knew me, you would know what a big deal that is). I also started drafting an abstract to submit for the conference, on the state of LGBTQ services within Australian Public Libraries.

So, after sending a quick email to The Pinnacle Foundation inquiring what they might be able to offer, and how to go about it (I am already a Pinnacle Scholar), I pack my bags and head off to Melbourne for a Salvation Army Youth Camp. Since then, I have had no internet connection. So it was a huge surprise to me today (which just so happenes to be my 21st birthday! Lucky me!), when I received a phone call from Susan Brooks from Pinnacle, wanting to know more about the conference. It seems Pinnacle have never sent a student to an international conference before, and that this is something they are very interested in. She did indicate that this was dependant on my abstract being accepted of course, but asked me to send through a formal funding proposal.

Not only that, but she also asked me to send a funding proposal for the Children’s Book Council Biannual in Adelaide this April, which I had previously indicated that I would not be able to afford (mostly due to my lack of employment. Being only on Centrelink makes it hard to save a lot).

There are three reasons I am so desperate to go to Amsterdam.

1. Australian LGBTQ services in Australian libraries are not so good. I want to change that. This would be an amazing chance for me to showcase what we have done, as well as learn from others, to help improve Australian libraries.

2. I was a Rotary Exchange Student, and lived in the town of Verviers, in Belgium. Which is just 5 hours by train from Amsterdam. This would give me a chance to visit my host family, as well as my friends from my time there, and my host Rotary Club. While I realise I would have to fund my own way after the conference is over, I am willing to do that. Like I said, I will sell my trumpet if I have to.

3. The conference is held over the weekend of Amsterdam Gay Pride, which is held in the canals. Gay Pride. On water. Need I say more?

If you have any information I think would be useful, such as info for my paper, fundraising suggestions, or if you even want to make a donation to the Get Suzie to Amsterdam Fund, please comment, and let me know.

If you wish to donate, please direct deposit to

Susan Elizabeth Day

BSB 06 6153

Number: 1053 5204

If you label the transfer, I will put your name on the back of the tee-shirt I will get printed, and wear over there.

Now, my hands are like icicles, so I better go. And can someone please let God know that it is summer right now? I realise this is Victoria, but there is still no excuse for this kind of weather!!!!

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  1. Sincere articles like this should be posted with a PayPal link, a Chip In widget or a KickStarter link (or your direct deposit details).

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