Two Things…

Alright, so two pretty major things happened today.

One, I found out that Twitter friend, and fellow Curtin student, Clare, has donated $100 to my Get-Suzie-to-Amsterdam-Fund. Should my paper get accepted, then The Pinnacle Foundation will match it!!


The other major thing was I made my first purchase relating to the trip. On one hand, I feel somewhat accomplished, in that I have started actually spending money on this trip. On the other hand, I feel somewhat embarrassed about what the purchase was.


Okay, any traveller should know that there are far more important things to purchase six months prior to departure. But I knew I needed new cabin luggage, and this wheeled bag was on sale when I noticed it on the way to the post office (Happy Birthday Dad!). So I placed it on layby with an $8 deposit.

$8 down, $3,992 to go


In other news, the other night I started the online application process for a new passport. As my old one is a child’s passport (I was 16 at the time), I need to start from scratch to get a new one, not just renew. So that will cost me AUD$230.

In addition my Fund ballance is now at $706.81. Not bad.





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