LGBTI ALMS, Amsterdam, 2012: Day 2

Very tired tonight, so I only will write about todays highlight:

Dr Saskia gave an amazing presentation on her work as a researcher with lesbian women in 3rd world countries, particularly in Indonesia. For her, the safety of her subjects was of the utmost importance. In the 80s, she was blacklisted and deported from Indonesia, and could not finish her PHd because she could not take her thesis back to the women she interviews, who had the final say0so over the information published. After all, if the government found out who these women were, they could be killed.

Another highlight was by Ajamu X, on his work with Rukus, an organisation which archives the experiences of black LGBTI people in the UK.

A number of people spoke about their digitisation programs, including San Francisco’s Public Library  LGBTI Movie Digitisation program. For them, the biggest barrier is copyright, and cost. So far, it has cost them $15,000 to digitise just 38 films.

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