Nerdy cosplay for PAX

I recently finished playing the Mass Effect trilogy, and I am so completely enamoured by the glorious Commander Shepard (the female one of course), that I decided that I wanted to make some FemShep armour for when I go to PAX in July (Sam and I are going there for our honeymoon….we are total nerds).

So today I spent a good few hours researching online how to make the armour, and see how other people made theirs.  While it was going to take a lot of time and effort, it is something I really wanted to do. For those who have never played Mass Effect 3, this is the armour I want to make, only in green.



I was just getting to the bit where I had it planned out, and knew what I needed, when I came to a realisation.

I am in a wheelchair.

There is no way I am going to be able to sit, or move myself about in that kind of outfit, even if it were made of foam.

So it got me thinking, maybe I should incorporate my chair into my costume? So to do this, I asked myself, how many fantasy/science fiction characters in wheelchairs are there?

  1. Prof. Xavier
  2. Batgirl/Oracle

And that is about it.

Apparently Doctor Bashir in Star Trek DS9 was supposed to be in a wheelchair, but the producers shot it down (they later revisited disability by using people where were genetically modified as one big metaphor for Autism). That would have been really cool if they had made Bashir disabled, because they could have worn my Star Trek uniform (yes, I own a Trek uniform. Original Series minidress though. Eventually I will get the early DS9 outfit. Just because).

So incorporating my chair into a costume isn’t going to happen.

Maybe just buy the Portal jumpsuit from




But that seems like a cop-out. I want to make something. Sam is planning on making the Thieves Guild armour from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (it is going to take a lot of leather and brown linen).




I suppose I could do something similar, but while I love Skyrim, I am not so completely in love with the game that I would go to all the effort to make a costume. Nor am I that crazy about any of FemShep’s casual outfits (that dress? Awful).


Any ideas?

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