Trying to get things going again

So I am trying to start blogging again. But before I can really do this, first I need to provide you with a quick update of major events in my life.

– I have gone back to university to get my Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary0. I have just started my second semester of part-time study, and I will write about my (complex) reasons why another time.

– I am currently working some very casual (and seasonal) shifts at the Edith Cowan University Library. The hours are nasty, but it is work, and there are some benefits to working where I study.

– I have been approved for funding for a new wheelchair! It will be a long road (probably 12-18 months), but it is happening!

– I may have a job at a local public library, as a casual librarian for Sunday afternoons. I have been informally offered the job, but we are waiting for the (very slow) HR to process the paperwork, so they can formally offer me the job. Librarian’s pay and Sunday pay…That will do me quite nicely thanks.

– After 2 1/2 years of being engaged, my super-sexy girl, Samantha, has finally said she is ready for us to actually make wedding plans. Sometime in the next couple of weeks we will sort out the paperwork, so we can get a new British passport for her. This way, we can get married in the British Colsulate here in Perth. No more waiting for stupid Australian Governments to catch up with the times!

So yeah. That’s me.

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