About Me

Bowties are cool.

Bowties are cool.


My name is Suzie, and I am a library student! I am a student at Curtin University, in Western Australia, and currently work part time as a librarian at the Mental Health Law Centre Library, where I have the privilege of starting a library from scratch! I have only a couple of elective units left to finish at university, so I am as close to being qualified as possible without the piece of paper that says so.

While I have mostly worked in special libraries the last few years, I look forward to the day when I go back to public libraries, because I love dealing with people! Special libraries are just too quiet for my liking.

I am disabled and use a combination of wheelchair, crutches and a cane to get around. This is annoying, as it restricts my ability to do some basic library tasks (like shelving!), and it means I can’t work full time, as I will always need at least one day set aside for PT.

In terms of professional interests, as well as children’s services, I am very interesting in libraries as community and cultural spaces, as well as how libraries provide services to various minority groups, such as people with disabilities, the LGBTI community, and new immigrants.

Please feel free to contact me at


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