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It is about time!

Well, despite announcing almost a month ago that we had an e-list, it is only now that we have actually got it running. 
Each day I was getting an email like this, telling me that I had to approve membership.
Now, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place, as I have chosen to set the e-list to self-subscription (that is, we send you a confirmation email, you click the link). 
At any rate, when I would try to log in to approve said subscription, my password wouldn’t work.
After a number of attempts at contacting ALIA’s IT department, I finally got a response, and the who thing was sorted in a couple of days.
Now we have an actual e-list. As it stands, we have 9 email addresses subscribed. ALIA rules state we need a minimum of 10 after the first month to remain online. Admittedly, I also subscribed my Youth Guardian Services e-mail address, however, I can justify that I did it for professional reasons (I am the current Executive Director of YGS, which maintains online support networks for LGBTQ Youth). 
We might have a bit longer to get that last subscription, due to the fact it took so long to get the e-list online, but we still need that last subscription! You don’t need to identify as LGBTQ, or even be an ALIA member to join. You just need an interest in what we do. 
You can subscribe by going here, or by going to the ALIA website, and selecting E-lists, under the Groups menu.

Forgot to mention….

ALIA now has an LGBTQ e-list!!

It has actually been going a few days now, but I forgot to but up the notice here.

You can subscribe here. Please be aware that we are not yet listed on the ALIA webpage, under their e-lists.

Also, we need a minimum of 10 members within a month to remain active, so even if you don’t think you will get involved, or join the conversation, please subscribe, so we can continue to exist.

Don’t forget, we can be found on Twitter as @aliaLGBTQ!