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iLectures and Mondayitis

Just finished listening to my Collections Management lecture (which if you remember, I skipped this morning, so sleep in) via iLectures. Actually, I wrote down a lot more notes than normal, and spent much less time reading fanfiction than I normally would during a lecture! So in a way, it is a brilliant study tool.
The main downside to external studies is just finding the time. Today, the lectures had been up since about lunch time, but it was 9pm before I actually started on it. It is now 9.20pm, and the moment I have finished this blog post, I am going to go to bed, put Time Team on (thank you ABC iView!!!), and watch that till I fall asleep.
I did have to lagh though. During the recording, the lecturer noted that everyone seemed to have a case of Mondayitis…well, considering the lecture was at 8am Monday morning, it is hardly surprising!
Also this afternoon, rego opened for LibraryCamp Australia (our annual Unconference!). I went last year, and it was great fun, as well as an educational experience. This year it will be held at the State Library of WA on September 19. I am planning on doing a presentation called Libraries as LGBTQ Friendly Spaces, a companion presentation to another I did at Queer Collaborations earlier this year. A lot has happened since, as a direct result of that presentation, so that should be fun to talk about. It is still rather overwhelming to me to think that changes are happening right now, that will have a lasting impact on Australian libraries, and I started it all! Well, there will be more about that closer to the time..
Well, I am done for the day. 10.30pm is knock off time in my books!

Missing classes, and external units!

Great start of the Week.
FYI, this week is Week 2, or Semester 2. This meams that most units are still very much in their introductory stage.
So I knew I was going to miss my first class of the week (Collection Management, or CM) due to an orthodontic appointment, but then I got lazy and slept in, missing both. Ahhh, the life of a student… Ah well. When the lecture goes online in a few hours, I will listen to it from the comfort of my own room.
So instead I am sitting in bed with my laptop and my notebook, with printed off slides, listening to last week’s lecture for Management of Records and Archives Services. Unfortunately MRAS did not have enough internal enrolments for warrant a full class, so the unit is only available externally. I really hate external units. This one in particularly, will start off with a group assignment with a site visit. Bit hard when doing external. Not impossible, but it is hard.
Anyway, as this was the first MRAS lesson, it was just a basic introduction to the unit, as well as a quick revision of the prerequisite units (Records Concepts and Practices, and Archives Concepts and Practices). Easy stuff, like, what is the difference between a record and an archive. So a printed off the slides, had a quick read, made a couple of quick notes, and filed the paper away for my personal unit archives.