LGBTQ Resources for Libraries

New and better resources are constantly becoming available all the time, so if there is something you think might be good to include here, let me know!
This group aims to (a) support LGBTQ library staff, professionals and students, and their straight allies, and (b) advise and assist libraries in catering towards the LGBTQ community. This group can also be found on twitter at @aliaLGBTQ
This list of books is an ideal way to help increase diversity within your children’s collection. By having books like these present, not only will they be apprecited by LGBTQ parents, but they can help teach children tollerance and understanding. Not all books listed deal excusivly with LGBTQ issues, many just talk about gender behaviours, and sex-roll stereotyping
Maintained by popular gay author Alex Sanchez, this is contains titles for some of the best in LGBTQ fiction (and a few non-fiction) at the moment. Please note that while this list is extensive, it is not exhaustive. There are hundreds of LGBTQ books out there, these are just some of the best.
The Freedom Centre in Perth, WA, have available a range of booklets, posters, and other resources which can be used in and around your library. You can choose to either download them yourself, or contact the FC directly, and have them sent to you for free.

The Pinnacle Foundation
Particually relevent to school, TAFE and university libraries, the Pinnacle Foundation provides scholarships to LGBTQ students in Australia, for any kind of educational or vocational training. If you contact the Foundation, they would be happy to send you panphets, booklets and posters which you can place in you library. This is an excellent way for you to support LGBTQ youth within your library, by assisting them get the education that will help them succede in life.

This an an amazing essay, about how having LGBTQ resources readily available can change someone’s life forever.

“Queer Youth Speak” is a youth response to seeing queer history unveiled in a library archive.  The young people weave their own histories and poetry into that of the queer voices from the past.  “Queer Youth Speak” was created by Jennifer Gilomen for the San Francisco Public Library’s “Out at the Library” exhibit.
Available from, these buttons not only give you a chance to show off your pride, but they can give hope to someone who may not have any.

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