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Day 3: Multi-storied @ Adelaide Convention Centre

Mem Fox and Eoin Colfer

It was an absolutely fantastic morning. The first two speakers were Mem Fox and Eoin Colfer. Both are amazingly funny speakers, and I was so engaged that I wrote very little.

Fox spent much time talking about children’s literacy, and was very scathing about levelled readers, almost always used in primary schools. It was interesting to note that she doesn’t consider levelled readers to be ‘real’ books. She even went so far to tell a teacher to “Bugger the curriculum, give the kids REAL books!”

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Day 2: Multi-Storied @ Adelaide Convention Centre

The opening and welcome was by author, Phil Cummings, who not only shared with us tales of his childhood, growing up in rural South Australia. He also serenaded us with his guitar, singing his song, Take me Back. The song spoke of red dust, and the smell of rain, before it starts to storm. It made me so homesick for my hometown of Kalgoorlie. He told stories of catching tadpoles in his local dam, swimming in the creak when it rained. These are stories of my childhood. And it made me think, just how universal stories like this are, how timeless. While I have never read Danny Allen was Here and Take it Easy, Danny Allen¸(Mr Cumming’s children’s books), I defiantly plan on it. This year, the man who wrote I was only Nineteen turned Mr Cummings books into a suit of songs for the Adelaide Festival, some of which were performed by the Adelaide Children’s choir (?) at the opening. They were amazing!

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Two trips, booked and paid for!

SO I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have two pieces of amazing news.

 First, I have booked my tickets to Adelaide!

The Pinnacle Foundation granted me $750 to go to Adelaide in May for the CBCA Biannual. Among the presenters are some of my favourite authors, include Isobelle Carmody, Eoin Colfer, and Mem Fox!


But that is not all….

My most fantastic news is this. Last week I booked my flights to Europe!!!!! I fly out of Australia on the 29th of July, and arrive back in Australia about 12.30am on the 21st of August. That is a full three weeks, the first in Amsterdam, and the other two in Belgium.

I have also decided on where I intend to stay, although it will be a couple of weeks before I can afford to pay for my accommodation.

Work has been hard, and I almost always have to take some pain meds top get through a shift. It has been taking its toll, which is evident in that I had done almost no walking today, but still my right hip is REALLY bad right now.

But still, I need the work. And just because I now have a job, doesn’t mean that I am going to give up looking for a library job.