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LGBTI ALMS 2012, Amsterdam, 2012: Day 3

Today began with a fantastic presentation  by Richard Parkinson  from the British Museum. They are doing a lot of work with their collection, and have developed a paper trail and web portal, which gets more than 1000 hits per month. He also expressed his frustration at how difficult it was for him to find artefacts relating to lesbian women in history.

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LGBTI ALMS, Amsterdam, 2012: Day 2

Very tired tonight, so I only will write about todays highlight:

Dr Saskia gave an amazing presentation on her work as a researcher with lesbian women in 3rd world countries, particularly in Indonesia. For her, the safety of her subjects was of the utmost importance. In the 80s, she was blacklisted and deported from Indonesia, and could not finish her PHd because she could not take her thesis back to the women she interviews, who had the final say0so over the information published. After all, if the government found out who these women were, they could be killed.

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LGBTI ALMS, Amsterdam, 2012: Day 1

First day of the conference, and the opening icebreaker was done by a Australian Ex-Pat who has lived in Holland for 30+ years, yet still sounded as Aussie as myself or the four outher Australians that are here (two from the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, an ex-pat living in Berlin, and someone else I have not met yet).

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Two trips, booked and paid for!

SO I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have two pieces of amazing news.

 First, I have booked my tickets to Adelaide!

The Pinnacle Foundation granted me $750 to go to Adelaide in May for the CBCA Biannual. Among the presenters are some of my favourite authors, include Isobelle Carmody, Eoin Colfer, and Mem Fox!


But that is not all….

My most fantastic news is this. Last week I booked my flights to Europe!!!!! I fly out of Australia on the 29th of July, and arrive back in Australia about 12.30am on the 21st of August. That is a full three weeks, the first in Amsterdam, and the other two in Belgium.

I have also decided on where I intend to stay, although it will be a couple of weeks before I can afford to pay for my accommodation.

Work has been hard, and I almost always have to take some pain meds top get through a shift. It has been taking its toll, which is evident in that I had done almost no walking today, but still my right hip is REALLY bad right now.

But still, I need the work. And just because I now have a job, doesn’t mean that I am going to give up looking for a library job.