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Day 1: Multi Storied @ Adelaide Convention Centre

I have never been to Adelaide, so I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Adelaide yesterday, for the 2012. And after one day in this city, you know what my biggest impression is? The hills. As a wheelchair user, all I can think is that whoever decided to build Adelaide on the side of a hill was a bloody idiot. You know how most people get sore feet at the end of a long day? I get sore arms.

To kick off the conference was the launch of Roseanne Haweking new book, Mountain Wolf. Normally I don’t purchase books without reading them first, or at least being a big fan of the author already. However, this book is a YA novel, about a tribal Pakistani boy, orphaned by an earthquake, who is sold into slavery in a city brothel. As a Salvationist, this is a very real issue for me. Recently, after Change.org petition, Lindt and Ferrero have committed themselves to eliminating child slave labour from their production line. 

Had an overpriced dinner at a nearby pub, and went back to my room ro watch Glee, and be very successful at not sleeping